N 8 Coppia di poltrone in Ottone
  • N 8 Coppia di poltrone in Ottone

N 8 Coppia di poltrone in Ottone

Coppia di poltrone realizzate dai nostri architetti in ottone. La forma geometrica dell'ottone contrasta con la forma morbida dell’imbottitura. I particolari tessuti usati fanno di queste poltrone due piccole opere d’arte. Da notare la seduta leggermente reclinata per permettere un totale relax. Cm ( 65 x 66, H 80). Inches  (25.6 x 26, H 31).


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Pair of Midcentury Brass and Fabric Italian Armchairs, 1950.

Brass structure and wool fabric, for this pair of armchairs out of the ordinary in the Italian style of Romeo Rega.

Linear and squared the structure of this armchairs, all in polished brass. While the seat and the backrest are in fine fabric. A gray wool was used for the seat and backrest, instead for the back of the backrest and the low end of the seat, a velvet gray and purple with glued sequins was used. On the seat and on the backrest have been applied buttons that resume the color of velvet. It is important to note the processing of this velvet fabric, very fine. Finally, a cord covered in violet velvet finishes the connection between the two fabrics.

Re-polished and re-upholstered, regenerated with great care for the original, make sure that each piece retains its value and is ready for many years to come.

N 8

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