SD 61 Sedia circolare Yngve Ekström Mid-Century bianca, 1960

Caratteristica sedia circle di Yngve Ekström, design accattivante reso elegante da un bellissimo tessuto bianco e rosso.

La sedia è la classica sedia circolare di Yngve Ekström, realizzata in legno di faggio e in questo caso è stata laccata di colore bianco. Ha uno schienale particolare realizzato come i raggi di una ruota di bicicletta. Il sedile si adatta alla parte dello schienale nella parte anteriore. Le gambe sono a spillo e iniziano da sotto il sedile. L'architetto e designer di mobili Yngve Ekström (1913-1988) è nato ad Hagafors, nella regione dello Småland, nel sud della Svezia. Misure Cm ( 60 x 65, H 70/43 ). Inches ( 24 x 26, H 27/17 ).


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Yngve Ekström White Mid-Century Circle Chair, 1960

Characteristic circle chair by Yngve Ekström, exciting design made elegant by a beautiful white and red fabric.

The chair is the classic circle chair by Yngve Ekström, made of beech wood and in this case it has been lacquered with white color. It has a particular backrest made like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. The seat fits the part of the backrest on the front. The legs are spiked, and start from under the seat.

Architect and furniture designer Yngve Ekström (1913-1988) was born in Hagafors, in the Småland region of southern Sweden. After the death of his father, 13-year-old Ekström starts working at the oldest furniture manufacturer in the country, Hagafors. Between his natural predisposition to woodworking (also inherited from his father), and the experience acquired in the factory, Ekström emerges from this period with a remarkable educational background. Ekström - like other designers, including Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971), and Poul Kjærholm (1929-1980) - plays a crucial role in the development of the style known as "modern Scandinavian". The iconic Circle chair for Swedese (1956), for example, is among his best known and most successful designs, the structure of this undulating and minimalist seat is in overlapping curved wood, and is supported by spiked tubular wooden legs. The design magazine Sköna Hems named the chair, in 1999, the most beautiful piece of furniture in Sweden. Misure Cm ( 60 x 65, H 70/43 ). Inches ( 24 x 26, H 27/17 ).

The chair has been restored respecting the canons of the period of construction of this. The expert craftsman of our interior workshop has been able to perfectly capture the type of restoration in the wooden part, maintaining the state but perfectly re-polishing the beech wood, and making sure that the upholstery is ready for many years to come. For each piece, before the departure, a revision is redone, to make sure it arrives in excellent condition.

SD 61

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